COFINANCIADO por el programa Erasmus+ de la Unión Europea


CES Design Internationalization Strategy

Internationalization is a key factor in our institutional strategy at CES Design. We were awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education under the Erasmus+ Programme.

At CES we have been successfully working with a growing number of partners in the past years to promote staff and student mobility, foster developments in teaching and learning, enhance knowledge transfer, collaborate in research, and spark innovation. We believe that international experience will increase social, entrepreneurial, and creative skills and enhance the employability of participants in mobility programs.

Our objectives include:

– Promoting staff and student mobility
– Fostering teaching and learning developments
– Enhancing knowledge transfer
– Collaborating in research
– Sparking innovation

In achieving our goals, we hold values such as inclusion, transparency, and service at the center of our international strategy. CES Design is also actively involved in the activities of Cumulus, the most important international association of universities and design schools. Our efforts have been rewarded, and today our partnerships are diverse, reflecting the different needs of our four specialization tracks, their students, and staff. 

As a result, we oversee an increasing number of mobilities taking place every year, and we are proud to note that our successful international program is one of the key traits that attract students to our school.

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